Online Job

Have you ever thought about making money just by answering questions? or just testing apps? watching videos or playing quick games? or some activities like that?

That ‘s right. Some applications are dedicated to this service. You dedicate a few hours of your day to answering surveys or testing apps and you can get paid for it

Is it possible to work via computer or cell phone? Yes. Nowadays, cell phones or computers are great allies when it comes to working and earning money, as they make it possible to carry out tasks using only the cell phone, which is great for anyone who wants to optimize their time and make extra income and seeks to manage your activities wherever you are. Thus, mobility and practicality are key issues in this type of work. Currently, there are several applications that offer the possibility of getting a job without having to leave your home, and some of them even allow you to do everything throughthe platform itself. Below we present some options for you who want to start working using your computer or cell phone and want to better understand what the opportunities are and how they work in practice. Check out!

1 – You can get paid to test apps and write reviews no matter what country you live in


2 – You don’t need to be a professional writer, you just need basic English knowledge

3 – All you need is any kind of smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, HTC etc.)

$850 per week for watching movies on Netflix
Do you like watching movies and web series on Netflix? If yes, then stop doing it right now! I mean to say, stop watching movies on Netflix if it can’t pay you. Because we have a job where you’ll get paid for watching movies on streaming platforms similar to Netflix. Read full details here…

$800/week for trying out filters on Snapchat

Here’s a super fun way of earning money remotely by using apps like Snapchat. First, have you ever used Snapchat before? If not, then let me tell you what it is… It’s kind of a chatting app where you can share pictures and videos by applying funny and interesting filters to them. It’s pretty simple to use. But what if I tell you that someone wants to pay you $810 per week for using it? Yep, it’s true! Some great app developers have launched some exciting and fun-filled messaging apps similar to Snapchat. And to compete with these huge markets, their apps need to be perfect. And that’s why they’re hiring ordinary folks to test and review their apps. And they’re more than happy to pay you up to $800 per week for this simple work.

Earn $20 an hour listening to Spotify

How does popping in your headphones and receiving a big paycheck to listen to music sound? Pretty good, I bet. Well, you’ll want to apply for today’s available job ASAP because we’re looking for one remote worker to test and review music apps like Spotify. Here’s the specifics…

$30 per photo you take

If you like taking photos on your smartphone – or you think some extra money in your back pocket could motivate you to start liking it – then you need to apply to today’s available job ASAP. With only one position available, this photo app tester and reviewer job are going to get snapped up super fast! Here’s how you can apply…

Is it worth working on your cell phone or computer? 


Like everything in life, there are pros and cons. The advantages are related to practicality, mobility, greater freedom to set up your schedules, being able to work from home, among others. As for the disadvantages, the ease of getting distracted is greater. In addition, you may also struggle to separate the professional from the private. Therefore, the outstanding thing is that you have a device for each purpose. Thus, it is up to you to study and read about the topic to assess whether it is a good option for you.




With the new reality arising from the coronavirus pandemic, the practice of remote work has gained more and more fans and many companies are keeping their employees working from home. In addition, people have seen an opportunity to invest in this modality to work autonomously, or as a specialist, and have greater financial freedom. One of the ways to do this is by using the cell phone as a work tool. Currently, there are a huge variety of applications that allow you to earn money using the web and your smart device, wherever you are. Now that you’ve seen some of these apps, just choose the one that best suits your needs and start making some extra money. Remember that working from home, and using your cell phone, requires the same commitment and responsibility.